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Creating Impressions that Linger

The Consulting industry in Nigeria is quite an extensive one rendering professional services across various areas of expertise- Accounting/Audit, Law and Real Estate as some of the most popular. Many firms still lack the finesse that creates and sustains a lasting impression that should endear customers to their brand and by extension create a sustainable growth path. The idea of Impressions Consulting is a response to this gap in consulting. Essentially, it is an answer to businesses that require leverage in packaging and delivery of their goods and services.

Vision: To become the ready name in Business Solutions and Services across the African Continent and beyond

Mission: Packaging and presenting businesses for unparalleled impressions in the hearts of stakeholders

Quality Statement: We are committed to continuously improving our services to surpass client expectations through timeliness, attention to details, and value creation orientation.

Core Values

At Impressions Consulting, we have values that guide our everyday operations and our relationship with clients. Outlined below are values that shape who we are, what we do and how we handle what we do.:

  • Attention to Details: Because little details matter in customer satisfaction and experience, we are committed to pay attention to easily overlooked areas that make all the difference in packaging and delivery of our services that enable our clients to be the best at what they do.
  • Customer Centrism: All we do and all we are about centers on customer experience. Here we start by understanding customer requirements and doing the little extras that allows for a lasting impression.
  • Timeliness: We respect and value the uniqueness of time as a resource; hence we deliver our services in a timely and efficient manner in line with clients' expectations
  • Integrity: At the very heart of what we do is the ethics of truth, fairness and transparency. At Impressions we see our works as not distinct from us. We therefore consider integrity an indispensible element in our business relations.
Goals and Objectives

Centered on our vision and mission, the following goals and objectives emerge:

  • To promote Start-offs (SMEs) by walking through their Business Ideas and providing the required support in conceptualization, concretization and actualization of these ideas
  • To help businesses understand the way their products and services are perceived and appreciate the implications for their business
  • To help businesses build and maintain a strong brand name and by extension brand loyalty in the industries they operate
  • To bring to fore the need for structures, values and practices that promote efficiency and foster goodwill irrespective of size, legal form and industry
  • To help businesses execute their processes and deliver same with a fineness that creates an impression that calls for repeat businesses
  • To research extensively into easily overlooked areas that separates a business from its contemporaries and propose findings to businesses in order to strengthen their market position
  • To offer professional support in form of trainings, formulation of training curriculum, and other solutions that build an excellent work culture that overtime translate into a strong brand presence in the industries they operate